Confessions of a Former White Hat, Creep

I am Michael Prince aka James Casbolt

Mr. M16 by Haley Meijer

Those f*cking priceless lyrics are posted under the youtube video, click “show more”, follow this to get to them.


Check out my herpes…

Ever notice that when I talk about what is going on, I don’t tell you how I fit into it.  Thats because I’m not on the side you think I am, how else do you think I could be down there, up there and out there.  Maybe I abduct children because I was abducted.  Maybe I molest women because I was molested.   It seems that I have no control over who I am or what I do.  Maybe I subscribe to the power of the dark-beings that I speak about, and maybe I can’t help it because I’m Michael Prince!