The First Thing Out of My Mouth is a LIE

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Miles: “…what are the charges”.

James: “Ummm, when I was first arrested in St. Ives, I was arrested for Blackmail…they dropped it down to a Stalking charge”.

I’m amazed at how many people still believe my lies! I’m so insecure, I need to keep my following of fools!

Truth is: I was originally arrested for harassment and I was never actually arrested for blackmail but charged with it later in court.

That’s one of hundreds of ways I twist the truth and tell lies!

Keep believing me…sucka’s. Listen to more b.s. here and join me in my crappy twisted truth that is attracting a really, really shitty life.  I lost a beautiful child, a beautiful wife and I’m going to stay in prison.  But join me by listening and believing what I say, you TOO can attract the joy’s of conspiracy freaks.