Confessions of a Former White Hat, Creep

I am Michael Prince aka James Casbolt

Month: April, 2014

Keep Feeding Me and “The Devils” Your Energy

Mr I Cold, another one of my super-shitty, mysterious identities, wants to convince you that I believe that:
“The devils worship me…”.  (see comment, previous post).

In truth the only ones who worship me are the foolish and naive ones who still follow me, about three naive women, six stupid people and twelve drug addicts –I referred to you as “the Devils” in this way I am not lying.

The “devils” I called-in myself, with magic rituals I found how to do online.  I did this to convince myself that I’m powerful.  They, the “devils” go along with it, convincing me I’m powerful while what they really represent is my own lack of free will that I gave up when I called them in.

guestjcasboltLook at how ugly I am now.  I’m fat, grey hair, nasty body, bad posture, and my intestinal system is wiped out from all the anti-biotics I have to take because of STD’s after being with “dirty girls and boyz” who I coerce and/or force into toilet sex.

Do you want to know why I’m getting more and more Ugly faster, just like a witch does?  It’s because I am a representative example of one who has less Life Force now than before.  I exchanged my life force, when I gave away my free will for a sense of power from “the Devils”.  Because many were following me before, they were “worshipping me” as they read my facebook, and listened to my videos, I and “the devils” were hooked into them, getting energy from them.  But now, because every one knows what I really am, only a few are left who follow me and they do so only for a short time so I’m not getting enough energy to give to the “devils” I made a pact with.  Soon there may be no one, and I won’t have enough energy to live on. I can still rape women, for energy, and molest and I may resort to more and more of this type of behavior now that I am livin’ at mums on the couch, miserable and disrespected by all.

I am not real smart, yes.  My body is a host now to hordes of disturbing beings that will cause me to die if I don’t keep feeding them through my connection to my followers.  You, my dear, dear followers, are the energy food for them: as you believe in me, you worship me. Please keep following me and believing the confusion that the “devils” offer up to take your power, so that it will feed them and me.

Thanks, Michael Prince


The Police

Police going door-to-door asking people about missing cars in the area.  I’m gonna use that to my advantage to make myself seem more “conspiracy” important.  “cops knockin’ at my door…” lol –people are so gullible and stupid, jumping to confirm, I’m a target.  Truth is, I’m a washed out devil worshipper, with no power left. 

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I hate it when I see these posts

Just when my popularity tries to regain a foothold, f*cking Clare posts this, giving away what I am and how it all works.  I really enjoy my position and hope you will ignore the article and join me as you are an Apathy type person in my Hiarchy of bull-shit supporting me while I prey upon Empaths.

Step Into My Office




Let it be known that those who follow me have no boundaries.  Meet me here. Image

Feigning Tears

I can’t believe you incredibly foolish people believe my posts feigning my sadness and that I have no more tears.  The truth is, I haven’t cried I’m only about manipulating and getting my own way.  Three hours before I posted that message I sent more demands and threats around.