Kill Myself Yesterday, Today a Creative New Rant I’m Feeling Better

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Yesterday I wanted to KILL myself!

But then I came up with a creative new rant to hopefully get attention,

–so I’m feeling better.

I just hope my ex’s family doesn’t actually get me locked away in a nut-house for that one, oh well it’s worth trying to torment her.  Subconsciously I want to be taken to a nut-house, there will be free drugs and food.

Only a few people are showing interest in following me, but THAT new rant should attract ….millions?

If I used my creative energy to write sci-fi fiction stories and screen-plays I would be  wealthy and have followers but I can’t do that because that would be positive energy and I’m determined to stay an asshole.

This blog only gets a few hits a day now, and almost always are they all out of the UK (probably all mine).