Gene Talk and Miles is Still Supportive!

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ImageI’ve got one important man still hooked into pushing my shit for me.  That is Miles Johnson, he makes the bases videos so I don’t want to lose him.  Bases videos is my only source of Public Display that makes me seem like I have something worth talking about.  Facebook just shows me to be the asshole that I am.  Miles, makes me seem like I somehow might be important.

He’s helping me attempt to “mind-control” my ex into thinking that she went through a lot of trouble to get my genes.  hehe.  Ya –making her feel guilty for dumping the doner n’ all that.   He gonna have to find his balls to piss of the Meijer family with me, he could get sued but oh well, he hasn’t figured out that in service to the “greater good” you have to be evil yourself.

ImageYeah, I mean hello!! -my first daughter is disabled!!!  But I’ve got amazing genes?  I must be because I’m just a man who has never worked and sat around on government benefits strung out on heroin for years, blaming that on the other “forces” of course.  Line up ladies–this one’s sperm is the winner!”

ImageMy genes are so valuable and protected that I’m trying to figure out if it’s true or not that my father is my grandfather.  …hehe, yeah, my mother isn’t the ONLY pedophile in our family history!  And I find humor in how people still believe my story about not being biologically hers even though I look JUST LIKE HER!.