Family who Threatens Together, Stays Together! Thanks Cousin!!

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On Feb 24, 2014, at 10:55 PM, Steffan Wells wrote:

Hi Claire/whoever you are.

Everybody is fully aware of James issues and there has been efforts to help him but sending these images shows you to have sort of mental issues yourself, nobody in their right mind would subject anyone to the images you have sent!

You claim to be doing good yet hiding behind an alias and internet world and you have most likely meet James through this world of make believe as well.

James can do you no harm, he is going nowhere and the attention you at giving is exactly what he wants!

I also question Hayley’s reasons for giving you these email addresses but again these are not he actions of a sane person and I think you all need help to be honest.

If you send anymore emails to my wife, my aunt or my cousin again I will report you for distributing these images.

Anyone else in this situation Would contact the authorities and let them deal with him rather than the disgusting way you feel it necessary  to do so!

Now please stop this silly campaign and report his site to the police. AND STOP fuelling him by posting on it!

Steffan Wells


On Feb 24, 2014, at 11:33 PM, Lulu/Clare replied:

Mr. Wells,

hmmmm let me get this straight….

So now I’m getting threats from YOU too?
Wow a casbolt family reunion of threats, so is this typical family casbolt ways?
You sure are defensive there Mr. Wells.  What secrets are all you casbolts hiding I wonder…mmmm? Surely there is much truth to the “tales” that James has told, including that he was raped by his stepdad.  Were you raped by relatives too Steffan.  Do you rape others too now, like James does?  At least he admits it.
So lets recap your message below… it’s ok for us women to be subject to death threats and the disturbing and sometimes violent images of your relative, but you aren’t man enough yourself to deal with them coming across your emails?  Why is that?
I might add Mr. Wells that you may be giving yourself away here, after all a “normal” response would be a deep and sincere apology for the behavior of said relative with absolute concern and consolation that everyone should be kept safe.
Are you certain it’s not You who share family issues?Do you have children Mr. Wells and will they be treated as well as you were or will you succumb to the same projected abuse that James has?