No attention

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Out of the 50 hits yesterday, 38 of them were from the UK, …probably almost all mine.

I don’t really get why no one gives me the attention that I deserve. I don’t think St. Pike even reads these, I didn’t see any hits from India yesterday.

The entity that I work for just wants YOU to polarize so to make some terrorists, extremists and have another Inquisition –if you will.

It doesn’t really care what side you choose, because their are no sides except for that which you create with your perceptions of confusion.

It only cares that you choose to POLARIZE hard-core.  What it doesn’t want is for you to clearly state a preference then leave alone and make-be with focusing on creating a world with those better preferences.

In actuality the whole idea is to scramble the messages and create as much possible confusion, this way the world stays fucked up and floundering.

One day soon you’ll think a Berka will save the horrors of how men view women.  hah –this gimmick is working well. You have no idea how many fools are falling for that one… it’s fantastic, I’m winning!

Yep –you see the images and things I post on my facebook page are meant to confuse you into polarity.  You won’t even know what you really hate when I’m finished with you.  You will only hate me and what ever I portrayed.

Could you say that James Holmes even knew what the hell he was killing for?  Fuck no!  He was lost!  But the success was amazing –more fear was created, more laws will be enacted and I will have more control over humanity.

The whole point is just to stir up hell on earth so that more control is created so that I can work my “magic” with you humans, you worthless fools.

So go ahead “hate” me –feed the fire.

Become hate, so I can see your shadow of Love and in your Love you will also Hate.  Religious fanatics are my greatest Tools!


I am hoping to have another Idlywild group ready soon, who wants to join it?

You can Unconditionally LOVE me females, and I will give you exactly what you deserve… come n’ get that shit.