Family Alerted — For FUCKS SAKE!!

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Someone sending shit to my mum now!!! Lies all lies! but I better delete my facebook and my emails before they see them!

Dear Ms. Kate Casbolt,

Did you know that your name, Kate Casbolt, has been made famous in the conspiracy world of Super Soldiers by your son, James Casbolt?    

However, did you also know he has never said anything but terrible things about you, did you know that Ms. Casbolt?  (Do you have any idea of the claims about you he has made??!).

Did you also know that your son would be locked away in prison if he were still in the united states?  Besides his delusional episodes, threatening emails and posts and violent images degrading women, he also has given me at least 3 personal death threats in the past week as well as death threats to others, particularly targeting women.    

Yesterday he threatened to BURN ALIVE a lovely, young woman simply because she is standing up and holding him accountable to his choices and behavior.  You can read about that here if you like.  This site has been made to show at face value what he thinks, says and does behind the scenes of his super soldier facade.

You and his relatives may consider seeking help for him soon, because therapeutic mental care might be a more suitable solution and less awkward then visiting him in prison.

Either way, I’m sure the issues will work themselves out accordingly and soon enough as he has been reported to numerous agencies and has caused quite a bit of disruption in his need for attention here in the states.    

As you know, these types of family incidences do have a tendency towards very embarrassing endings for in-denial family members, unless there is intervention. Though the idea of prison is more secure for us, I still felt it was fair to inform you all.   

Either way, I will be forwarding you his finest words as I have time.