Thanks my “SAINT” mr. Pike

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I’m a delusional liar and so are you Saint Anthony Pike, we’ll at best –mostly I am just a liar and you are the delusional one after all, you are living in the dirt in India, scratching the earth for scraps of food and lice in yer hair.

I got nothin’ on my ex’s family n’ “saint” Pike knows it,  he’s just a woman hater like me and we gotta duty to do whatever we can to destroy any woman that doesn’t make us feel like manly men.

…she knows it, we know it, I know it, you know it, everyone fucking knows it except the handful of fools that still want SO badly to believe in me because they prefer to stay in denial then face reality.

Right ole’ mate, it makes my dick feel less squishy when I pretend I got something ugly to share about someone else because my own ugly just can’t be faced and can’t go-it-alone –glad you n’ me is in it together.