How to SCARE females

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When your a big tough guy like me and females come along on the internet and try to make me see who I am I just scare them.  BOOOOOO!!  Cause I am a an ass-hoooole, and few would deny!!

This is what I sent that cute little Sarah (who scares the shit outta me, because she might be right, but I don’t want to talk about it and prefer to stay in denial because that way I am a MAN).

Sarah, I can do something, I can have you burnt alive.

That’s right MEN, when it comes to scaring women, you got to make it as evil, scary and as horrifying as possible.  BURNT ALIVE is even scarier than beating them with a stick like muslims do because it’s THE INQUISITION and we all know how much men hate intuitive women who show us who we are.   So SCARE her bcause I’m a bad ass and no one in the world can scare her better than me!!!

I have given at least 3-4 death threats to women in the last week –this one tops them all for making it Scary and to get them into FEAR!!

that’s goal boyz–keep em’ down, keep em in fear and you WIN!!

oOOOOh ya, I’m a bad-asshole that’s me…