There is this Other side to Me…

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I can’t blame this one on my SS training, just being cheeky here…hehe.

As some of you know, there is this “other” side to me, that because I want to keep women in bondage, submissive, humiliated –shit upon and all that powerful stuff to make me think I’m in control and like I’m a “man” it makes me want to access my feminine side with all the same hatred… and so I project that and want to take the pain for it.

So I’ve got this friend…who helps me out with that.

unfortunately her photos were removed and she received this fb message:

just letting you know I did delete your photos from the blog post about you and casbolt because someone nice, said you were actually fragile and kind.  I do want to let you know, that ANY support and I mean ANY support that you offer him will be considered siding with a violent woman abuser and hater and that you can expect consequences to reoccur in the form of posts.

Betrayals to other women, need to stop now.  If you want to participate in supporting the abuser that is your choice, but I’m watching.