Memoirs by James Casbolt aka Michael Prince

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On Nov 23, 2013, at 4:07 AM, Michael Prince wrote:

We need to sort this out or for the rest of your life when people hear the name (my ex wife) millions of people with think heiress to the empire, CIA prostitute, entrapping baby stealing whore, possible pedophile, piss & shit slut. I will make your anus world famous, pictures of toys stuffed in it, shit coming out of it, and that will be just the beginning.

Now I want to see my son. If and when you arrive through UK border control safely I will remove public information and not publish further sensitive data about you. Your family and their minions cannot police the whole Internet and tell them to send their best hit men if they think they can kill me.

I am inexhaustible. You knew this when I used to fuck you for hours. I can do this for years. We can play the decades game again and see who breaks first. You may not care about being xxxsposed. You are an exhibionist slut who loves being pissed, as was proven when the facebook pictures were released of you posing with strangers in the NY store with your big fat fucking cow udders and huge bullet nipples out. However think about the kind. Your family are deleting everything off the web with your last name or the word  CIA in it.

All this can be deleted too so everyone can have happy futures. Think about this before things get worse.

And please while we’re at it can we get Xerox on here for his character assassination that amuses me no end. The boy is a retarded simpleton. I can predict it already.

1: I was fat because I had testosterone bloat.

2: I stole clothes from charity shops because I delivered oxfam clothes to Russian run warehouses for an MI6 arms trafficking front to Eastern European countries.

3: I’m into scat which I think we’ve established. Nothing sexier than a shit covered whore. Shows their submission to the cause. And a few other things that are too retarded to take up space in my brain.

Michael Prince

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