Look at Me, I’m So Powerful!!!!

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Here is a message I sent my ex wife  because she rejected me after I acted like a total ass-hole, she should have unconditionally loved me!!

Now, I must humiliate her more so that I don’t feel SO powerless!  Apparently passing around humiliating and naked photos of her and saying “nothing sexier than a shit covered whore” didn’t do it.

Those photos are HER fault, she allowed me to take them of her, –back when she trusted me.  Doing what was in them and then passing them around to others apparently wasn’t enough to make her feel so low, humiliated and worthless that she would stay with me or come back to me.

I will forge on with more humiliation until she is so low she returns to me as I deserve.

From: cas997365@hotmail.co.uk
To: cosmicrf@hotmail.com
Subject: my ex
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 13:07:47 +0000

You better sort your life out before you end up like Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith. You make yourself look like a public slut when you fly guys in for filthy cock sessions while still married, especially when —- and —- rat you out and now everybody is talking about it on Facebook. You moan about being pornographically exposed on Facebook then start posting pictures on Instagram and Tumblr in your underwear wearing tiny leopard bras and sexy whore make-up so you can continue to order from the online cock catalogue. I know Dresden has not got his own room and still co-sleeps so he gets to see his Mum fucked by strange men.