Copy of Some Statement for Arrest

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So I get a copy of an arrest warrant with some statement that says I this shit about me and more.  NO one except Miles is stupid enough to believe that I am under mind-control.  She is such a fucking winer.

“One time with my three month old son in my arms, James shoved me onto the bed for not reciprocating a kiss he was trying to force upon me. Immediately after doing that he snapped out of it and was back to being his nice self. The last time James was physical with me was in May of 2013 when my son was 5 months old. James and I were laying in bed with my son laying next to me, in between us. We were preparing to move to California and although my husband was not working and spent the whole day in bed on his iPad, he refused to help me pack anything for the move- the whole 3 bedroom apartment I wound up packing myself while looking after my son as well, as James laid in bed on his iPad researching satanism and things like “domestic discipline” and watching the movie American Psycho over and over. This creeped me out. Anyway we were laying in bed and I was asking why James wouldn’t help me back, to which he replied “housework is the woman’s job”, “I am not your wife”, and “I don’t do manual labor” and “you should have gotten your inheritance to pay for someone to pack for you.” I told him I wanted a divorce. He then flipped out at me and jumped on top of me on the bed, squishing my son who started screaming, and he shoved my head in the mattress and was telling me to look him in his eyes and saying all sorts of crazy things that i just blanked out of my mind because i was so scared, i started sobbing and he jumped off of me and I ran into the other room about to call the police and he grabbed my phone from me. I was cradling my 5 month old in my arms huddled on the couch grasping for air from the shock and sobbing and crying really hard. He looked at me laughing and yelled, “stop being so dramatic” and “do you really think that crying like this is going to make me feel anything?” “do you think i have a heart?” “give it up and stop overreacting” and then he yelled “You are going to have to make a choice! It’s either the Niggers or your son!”