Michael Prince standing in for FWH is a Dead Creep

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The following is an email to alert the white brotherhoods of our enemies and foes, and doe’s.   Sure enough, with the executions in order, I should be coming up soon if not next.

From: cas997365@hotmail.co.uk

Subject: List

Date: February 11, 2014 6:29:06 PM PST

This is being taken care of as we speak Donny-

  • –  no need to be scared… no reprisals coming…. they have capitulated… that means surrendered basically…. unconditionally but will beg for theyre lives and leniency. Dont get stressed out in fear…. there is no need to… its as good as done… I need to raise an angry mob… to confront harper or elizabeth… Harper will fold easily… he is terrified. 31 May at 15:26



List of droned individuals-
1) Max Spiers
2) Sara Adams
3) James Rink
4) Eva Moore
5) Lorien Fenton
6) Jo-Ann Richards
7) Kerry Cassidy
8) Solaris Blueraven
9) Jo-Ann Summerscales
10) Douglas Dietrich
11) Lulu Louise ( Clare Speaks )
12) Dawn Hamm Hart ( Illuminati Rosicrucian member )
13) Ax/Miranda ( Duncan O Finioan’s partner )
14) Cathy Buckalew
15) Tamara Natividad
16) Tyler Davidson
17) Sohail Fazal
18) Jan Rodrigo
19) David Vanderbeek
29) Erin Green Hicks
List of non-droned individuals-
1) Miles Johnston
2) Ben Murphy ( Ben Murphy currently in extreme danger )
3) Tyler Clark
4) Duncan O Finioan
5) Aaron McCollum
6) Duncan Davies/Gridkeeper
7) Nate Grey
Execution list currently in progress-
1) Michael Hemmingson
2) Ray Bordon ( Roy Gordon )
Sincerely yours
Michael Prince
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