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I am Michael Prince aka James Casbolt

Month: February, 2014

My #1 Harassment Officer Has Been Shut-Down!!

Wow looks like I’m on my own, one by one people are turning their support away from me. is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For more information and to contact us please read this support document.



My list of crimes are so numerous that I would have been executed several times over!

Since I can get away with it in the UK and the US, I keep doing whatever I want.  I wouldn’t be “sorry” unless on death row.

Crimes against National Security

  1. Treason
  2. Separatism
  3. Armed rebellion, rioting
  4. Collaborating with the enemy
  5. Spying or espionage
  6. Selling state secrets
  7. Providing material support to the enemy

Crimes against Public Security

  1. Arson
  2. Flooding (e.g., breaching dams, dikes or waterways)
  3. Bombing
  4. Spreading poisons
  5. Spreading hazardous substances (eg, radioactive, toxic, pathogenic)
  6. Seriously endangering public safety, broadly construed
  7. Sabotaging electricity
  8. Sabotaging gas, fuel, petroleum, or other flammables or explosives
  9. Hijacking aircraft
  10. Illegal possession, transport, smuggling, or selling of explosives or firearms
  11. Trafficking or smuggling nuclear materials
  12. Illegally manufacturing, selling, transporting or storing hazardous materials
  13. Theft of explosives or other dangerous material
  14. Theft of firearms, ammunition or other dangerous material

Economic crimes

  1. Production or sale of counterfeit medicine
  2. Production or sale of hazardous food products
  3. Smuggling weapons or ammunition
  4. Smuggling nuclear material
  5. Smuggling counterfeit money
  6. Producing counterfeit money
  7. Fraud

Crimes against the person

  1. Intentional homicide
  2. Intentional assault
  3. Rape
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Human trafficking

Crimes against property

  1. Robbery

Crimes against public order

  1. Escaping from prison, jailbreaking
  2. Raiding a prison
  3. Smuggling, dealing, transporting or manufacturing drugs
  4. Organized prostitution
  5. Forced prostitution

Crimes against national defense

  1. Sabotaging weapons, military installations, or military communications
  2. Providing substandard weapons or military installations

Corruption and bribery

  1. Embezzlement
  2. Bribery

Breach of duty by soldiers

  1. Insubordination
  2. Concealment or false reporting of military intelligence
  3. Refusing to pass or falsely passing orders
  4. Surrender
  5. Cowardice
  6. Hindering commanding officers or personnel on duty from performing their duty
  7. Defection with aircraft or ships
  8. Selling military secrets
  9. Spreading false information reducing morale
  10. Theft of military weaponry or supplies
  11. Illegally selling or transferring military weaponry or supplies
  12. Killing innocent inhabitants of war zones or plundering their property

Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster

Damn if you can’t get money by hard work and honesty, which I’ve never actually tried to do, you can always get it by Robbery.

It’s making me feel powerful to tell my family that THEY have to get me millions of dollars from my ex’s family or I’m not going to shut up and will keep embarrassing them FOREVER!

My dick is a gun.  No wait, my gun is a dick.  –damn it feels good to be a gangster.
Die mutha’fucker’s…

Gene Talk and Miles is Still Supportive!

ImageI’ve got one important man still hooked into pushing my shit for me.  That is Miles Johnson, he makes the bases videos so I don’t want to lose him.  Bases videos is my only source of Public Display that makes me seem like I have something worth talking about.  Facebook just shows me to be the asshole that I am.  Miles, makes me seem like I somehow might be important.

He’s helping me attempt to “mind-control” my ex into thinking that she went through a lot of trouble to get my genes.  hehe.  Ya –making her feel guilty for dumping the doner n’ all that.   He gonna have to find his balls to piss of the Meijer family with me, he could get sued but oh well, he hasn’t figured out that in service to the “greater good” you have to be evil yourself.

ImageYeah, I mean hello!! -my first daughter is disabled!!!  But I’ve got amazing genes?  I must be because I’m just a man who has never worked and sat around on government benefits strung out on heroin for years, blaming that on the other “forces” of course.  Line up ladies–this one’s sperm is the winner!”

ImageMy genes are so valuable and protected that I’m trying to figure out if it’s true or not that my father is my grandfather.  …hehe, yeah, my mother isn’t the ONLY pedophile in our family history!  And I find humor in how people still believe my story about not being biologically hers even though I look JUST LIKE HER!.

Family who Threatens Together, Stays Together! Thanks Cousin!!

On Feb 24, 2014, at 10:55 PM, Steffan Wells wrote:

Hi Claire/whoever you are.

Everybody is fully aware of James issues and there has been efforts to help him but sending these images shows you to have sort of mental issues yourself, nobody in their right mind would subject anyone to the images you have sent!

You claim to be doing good yet hiding behind an alias and internet world and you have most likely meet James through this world of make believe as well.

James can do you no harm, he is going nowhere and the attention you at giving is exactly what he wants!

I also question Hayley’s reasons for giving you these email addresses but again these are not he actions of a sane person and I think you all need help to be honest.

If you send anymore emails to my wife, my aunt or my cousin again I will report you for distributing these images.

Anyone else in this situation Would contact the authorities and let them deal with him rather than the disgusting way you feel it necessary  to do so!

Now please stop this silly campaign and report his site to the police. AND STOP fuelling him by posting on it!

Steffan Wells


On Feb 24, 2014, at 11:33 PM, Lulu/Clare replied:

Mr. Wells,

hmmmm let me get this straight….

So now I’m getting threats from YOU too?
Wow a casbolt family reunion of threats, so is this typical family casbolt ways?
You sure are defensive there Mr. Wells.  What secrets are all you casbolts hiding I wonder…mmmm? Surely there is much truth to the “tales” that James has told, including that he was raped by his stepdad.  Were you raped by relatives too Steffan.  Do you rape others too now, like James does?  At least he admits it.
So lets recap your message below… it’s ok for us women to be subject to death threats and the disturbing and sometimes violent images of your relative, but you aren’t man enough yourself to deal with them coming across your emails?  Why is that?
I might add Mr. Wells that you may be giving yourself away here, after all a “normal” response would be a deep and sincere apology for the behavior of said relative with absolute concern and consolation that everyone should be kept safe.
Are you certain it’s not You who share family issues?Do you have children Mr. Wells and will they be treated as well as you were or will you succumb to the same projected abuse that James has?


Family Alerted — For FUCKS SAKE!!


Someone sending shit to my mum now!!! Lies all lies! but I better delete my facebook and my emails before they see them!

Dear Ms. Kate Casbolt,

Did you know that your name, Kate Casbolt, has been made famous in the conspiracy world of Super Soldiers by your son, James Casbolt?    

However, did you also know he has never said anything but terrible things about you, did you know that Ms. Casbolt?  (Do you have any idea of the claims about you he has made??!).

Did you also know that your son would be locked away in prison if he were still in the united states?  Besides his delusional episodes, threatening emails and posts and violent images degrading women, he also has given me at least 3 personal death threats in the past week as well as death threats to others, particularly targeting women.    

Yesterday he threatened to BURN ALIVE a lovely, young woman simply because she is standing up and holding him accountable to his choices and behavior.  You can read about that here if you like.  This site has been made to show at face value what he thinks, says and does behind the scenes of his super soldier facade.

You and his relatives may consider seeking help for him soon, because therapeutic mental care might be a more suitable solution and less awkward then visiting him in prison.

Either way, I’m sure the issues will work themselves out accordingly and soon enough as he has been reported to numerous agencies and has caused quite a bit of disruption in his need for attention here in the states.    

As you know, these types of family incidences do have a tendency towards very embarrassing endings for in-denial family members, unless there is intervention. Though the idea of prison is more secure for us, I still felt it was fair to inform you all.   

Either way, I will be forwarding you his finest words as I have time.


No attention

Out of the 50 hits yesterday, 38 of them were from the UK, …probably almost all mine.

I don’t really get why no one gives me the attention that I deserve. I don’t think St. Pike even reads these, I didn’t see any hits from India yesterday.

The entity that I work for just wants YOU to polarize so to make some terrorists, extremists and have another Inquisition –if you will.

It doesn’t really care what side you choose, because their are no sides except for that which you create with your perceptions of confusion.

It only cares that you choose to POLARIZE hard-core.  What it doesn’t want is for you to clearly state a preference then leave alone and make-be with focusing on creating a world with those better preferences.

In actuality the whole idea is to scramble the messages and create as much possible confusion, this way the world stays fucked up and floundering.

One day soon you’ll think a Berka will save the horrors of how men view women.  hah –this gimmick is working well. You have no idea how many fools are falling for that one… it’s fantastic, I’m winning!

Yep –you see the images and things I post on my facebook page are meant to confuse you into polarity.  You won’t even know what you really hate when I’m finished with you.  You will only hate me and what ever I portrayed.

Could you say that James Holmes even knew what the hell he was killing for?  Fuck no!  He was lost!  But the success was amazing –more fear was created, more laws will be enacted and I will have more control over humanity.

The whole point is just to stir up hell on earth so that more control is created so that I can work my “magic” with you humans, you worthless fools.

So go ahead “hate” me –feed the fire.

Become hate, so I can see your shadow of Love and in your Love you will also Hate.  Religious fanatics are my greatest Tools!


I am hoping to have another Idlywild group ready soon, who wants to join it?

You can Unconditionally LOVE me females, and I will give you exactly what you deserve… come n’ get that shit.

Reasoning with Psychopaths!

Ok Rink –thanks for the ENERGY and….nice try but you have to realize that I’m possessed by my delusional psychopath future self that will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to stay in the no-fault / no blame zone.   So try and try again but your going to need to find a better strategy to communicate with me then therapy class 101, because if you haven’t noticed –I don’t give a shit  We’ll let me rephrase –the only shit I want to see is on your backside.


From Mr Winkman-

Michael being nasty to everyone wont bring haley back nor will it put you in good favor with people who care about you. Please stop this nonsense I hate to see u put under a thorazine drip.

Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

So kind, so beautiful… why did I choose this path

HORRIBLE!!!  She is still being a nice “human”!

I have asked for EVERY kind of hatred a man could ask for.  On her report she actually said a few nice things about me (past tense of course).   Why would she do that when those are NO LONGER TRUE?!!

SHE has to change!!!!  SHE has to become hateful and angry and mean and nasty to mirror WHATEVER I AM because that is what FEMALES have to DO!

It is the REPTILIAN AGREEMENT!!!!  (And btw don’t get too surprised  we are all hybrids –I’m not the only special one).

And when she doesn’t that makes me the most angry and powerless of all.

–how dare her, she is MY WIFE!!!!!!!!! YES — MY WIFE!!!  I OWN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I own her!!! –she needs to reflect me and she must cower and feel ashamed and humiliated at all I AM!!!

If not that she must become cold, ICE COLD and MIRROR me and be hateful, cruel and horrible like me!!!


How to SCARE females

When your a big tough guy like me and females come along on the internet and try to make me see who I am I just scare them.  BOOOOOO!!  Cause I am a an ass-hoooole, and few would deny!!

This is what I sent that cute little Sarah (who scares the shit outta me, because she might be right, but I don’t want to talk about it and prefer to stay in denial because that way I am a MAN).

Sarah, I can do something, I can have you burnt alive.

That’s right MEN, when it comes to scaring women, you got to make it as evil, scary and as horrifying as possible.  BURNT ALIVE is even scarier than beating them with a stick like muslims do because it’s THE INQUISITION and we all know how much men hate intuitive women who show us who we are.   So SCARE her bcause I’m a bad ass and no one in the world can scare her better than me!!!

I have given at least 3-4 death threats to women in the last week –this one tops them all for making it Scary and to get them into FEAR!!

that’s goal boyz–keep em’ down, keep em in fear and you WIN!!

oOOOOh ya, I’m a bad-asshole that’s me…

Thanks my “SAINT” mr. Pike

I’m a delusional liar and so are you Saint Anthony Pike, we’ll at best –mostly I am just a liar and you are the delusional one after all, you are living in the dirt in India, scratching the earth for scraps of food and lice in yer hair.

I got nothin’ on my ex’s family n’ “saint” Pike knows it,  he’s just a woman hater like me and we gotta duty to do whatever we can to destroy any woman that doesn’t make us feel like manly men.

…she knows it, we know it, I know it, you know it, everyone fucking knows it except the handful of fools that still want SO badly to believe in me because they prefer to stay in denial then face reality.

Right ole’ mate, it makes my dick feel less squishy when I pretend I got something ugly to share about someone else because my own ugly just can’t be faced and can’t go-it-alone –glad you n’ me is in it together.

There is this Other side to Me…

I can’t blame this one on my SS training, just being cheeky here…hehe.

As some of you know, there is this “other” side to me, that because I want to keep women in bondage, submissive, humiliated –shit upon and all that powerful stuff to make me think I’m in control and like I’m a “man” it makes me want to access my feminine side with all the same hatred… and so I project that and want to take the pain for it.

So I’ve got this friend…who helps me out with that.

unfortunately her photos were removed and she received this fb message:

just letting you know I did delete your photos from the blog post about you and casbolt because someone nice, said you were actually fragile and kind.  I do want to let you know, that ANY support and I mean ANY support that you offer him will be considered siding with a violent woman abuser and hater and that you can expect consequences to reoccur in the form of posts.

Betrayals to other women, need to stop now.  If you want to participate in supporting the abuser that is your choice, but I’m watching.

More from that Statement for Arrest

When bitches get together they ruin lives.  I had a good thing going.  Haley was just warming up to being a domestic servant and sex slave for me when that fucking friend of hers Sarah ruined everything.  Never let your women be around other women out of your site. 

“…Long story short James has had a problem with Sara since this time and perceived Sara as a threat to our relationship and as the reason why I filed for divorce. As a concerned girlfriend she gave me rational advice, having had been in an abusive situation herself before. She knew I had to get out and I knew then that I had to too…”

Copy of Some Statement for Arrest

So I get a copy of an arrest warrant with some statement that says I this shit about me and more.  NO one except Miles is stupid enough to believe that I am under mind-control.  She is such a fucking winer.

“One time with my three month old son in my arms, James shoved me onto the bed for not reciprocating a kiss he was trying to force upon me. Immediately after doing that he snapped out of it and was back to being his nice self. The last time James was physical with me was in May of 2013 when my son was 5 months old. James and I were laying in bed with my son laying next to me, in between us. We were preparing to move to California and although my husband was not working and spent the whole day in bed on his iPad, he refused to help me pack anything for the move- the whole 3 bedroom apartment I wound up packing myself while looking after my son as well, as James laid in bed on his iPad researching satanism and things like “domestic discipline” and watching the movie American Psycho over and over. This creeped me out. Anyway we were laying in bed and I was asking why James wouldn’t help me back, to which he replied “housework is the woman’s job”, “I am not your wife”, and “I don’t do manual labor” and “you should have gotten your inheritance to pay for someone to pack for you.” I told him I wanted a divorce. He then flipped out at me and jumped on top of me on the bed, squishing my son who started screaming, and he shoved my head in the mattress and was telling me to look him in his eyes and saying all sorts of crazy things that i just blanked out of my mind because i was so scared, i started sobbing and he jumped off of me and I ran into the other room about to call the police and he grabbed my phone from me. I was cradling my 5 month old in my arms huddled on the couch grasping for air from the shock and sobbing and crying really hard. He looked at me laughing and yelled, “stop being so dramatic” and “do you really think that crying like this is going to make me feel anything?” “do you think i have a heart?” “give it up and stop overreacting” and then he yelled “You are going to have to make a choice! It’s either the Niggers or your son!”

Look at Me, I’m So Powerful!!!!

Here is a message I sent my ex wife  because she rejected me after I acted like a total ass-hole, she should have unconditionally loved me!!

Now, I must humiliate her more so that I don’t feel SO powerless!  Apparently passing around humiliating and naked photos of her and saying “nothing sexier than a shit covered whore” didn’t do it.

Those photos are HER fault, she allowed me to take them of her, –back when she trusted me.  Doing what was in them and then passing them around to others apparently wasn’t enough to make her feel so low, humiliated and worthless that she would stay with me or come back to me.

I will forge on with more humiliation until she is so low she returns to me as I deserve.

Subject: my ex
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 13:07:47 +0000

You better sort your life out before you end up like Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith. You make yourself look like a public slut when you fly guys in for filthy cock sessions while still married, especially when —- and —- rat you out and now everybody is talking about it on Facebook. You moan about being pornographically exposed on Facebook then start posting pictures on Instagram and Tumblr in your underwear wearing tiny leopard bras and sexy whore make-up so you can continue to order from the online cock catalogue. I know Dresden has not got his own room and still co-sleeps so he gets to see his Mum fucked by strange men.


Memoirs by James Casbolt aka Michael Prince

On Nov 23, 2013, at 4:07 AM, Michael Prince wrote:

We need to sort this out or for the rest of your life when people hear the name (my ex wife) millions of people with think heiress to the empire, CIA prostitute, entrapping baby stealing whore, possible pedophile, piss & shit slut. I will make your anus world famous, pictures of toys stuffed in it, shit coming out of it, and that will be just the beginning.

Now I want to see my son. If and when you arrive through UK border control safely I will remove public information and not publish further sensitive data about you. Your family and their minions cannot police the whole Internet and tell them to send their best hit men if they think they can kill me.

I am inexhaustible. You knew this when I used to fuck you for hours. I can do this for years. We can play the decades game again and see who breaks first. You may not care about being xxxsposed. You are an exhibionist slut who loves being pissed, as was proven when the facebook pictures were released of you posing with strangers in the NY store with your big fat fucking cow udders and huge bullet nipples out. However think about the kind. Your family are deleting everything off the web with your last name or the word  CIA in it.

All this can be deleted too so everyone can have happy futures. Think about this before things get worse.

And please while we’re at it can we get Xerox on here for his character assassination that amuses me no end. The boy is a retarded simpleton. I can predict it already.

1: I was fat because I had testosterone bloat.

2: I stole clothes from charity shops because I delivered oxfam clothes to Russian run warehouses for an MI6 arms trafficking front to Eastern European countries.

3: I’m into scat which I think we’ve established. Nothing sexier than a shit covered whore. Shows their submission to the cause. And a few other things that are too retarded to take up space in my brain.

Michael Prince

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Michael Prince standing in for FWH is a Dead Creep

The following is an email to alert the white brotherhoods of our enemies and foes, and doe’s.   Sure enough, with the executions in order, I should be coming up soon if not next.


Subject: List

Date: February 11, 2014 6:29:06 PM PST

This is being taken care of as we speak Donny-

  • –  no need to be scared… no reprisals coming…. they have capitulated… that means surrendered basically…. unconditionally but will beg for theyre lives and leniency. Dont get stressed out in fear…. there is no need to… its as good as done… I need to raise an angry mob… to confront harper or elizabeth… Harper will fold easily… he is terrified. 31 May at 15:26



List of droned individuals-
1) Max Spiers
2) Sara Adams
3) James Rink
4) Eva Moore
5) Lorien Fenton
6) Jo-Ann Richards
7) Kerry Cassidy
8) Solaris Blueraven
9) Jo-Ann Summerscales
10) Douglas Dietrich
11) Lulu Louise ( Clare Speaks )
12) Dawn Hamm Hart ( Illuminati Rosicrucian member )
13) Ax/Miranda ( Duncan O Finioan’s partner )
14) Cathy Buckalew
15) Tamara Natividad
16) Tyler Davidson
17) Sohail Fazal
18) Jan Rodrigo
19) David Vanderbeek
29) Erin Green Hicks
List of non-droned individuals-
1) Miles Johnston
2) Ben Murphy ( Ben Murphy currently in extreme danger )
3) Tyler Clark
4) Duncan O Finioan
5) Aaron McCollum
6) Duncan Davies/Gridkeeper
7) Nate Grey
Execution list currently in progress-
1) Michael Hemmingson
2) Ray Bordon ( Roy Gordon )
Sincerely yours
Michael Prince
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