MILABS wanted

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Volunteer MILABS wanted!

In no Time, we will turn you into a Super-Soldier!  As a super soldier you will claim that you are raising human consciousness and fighting evil!!  Though you will be fighting FOR evil!

You will be challenged and confused, you will be programmed and you will get to be tormented and molested by us as well as by aliens from other planets!  We will find a way to hook into you so you can’t escape!

If you survive your reward is the status and identity as that of a Super Soldier! 

You will get the status of speaking about the horrors of surviving milab abuse at Super Soldier Summits!

And your only job as a Super Soldier will be to torment and recruit others under our guidance!  With the claim, when accused, that your memories were erased and/or you were cloned!

Don’t worry, we will make sure that you will be perceived as a hero!

If you have a book to promote, now is the time to comply with our recruitment!  Welcome Michael Hemmingson!

Be warned, if you don’t comply and write on our topics, we will make you pay and try to ruin your credibility, like Anthony Sanchez!!

contact michael prince at