Denial is not a river in Egypt…

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James Casbolt reporting:

My poor, old geezer, mentor the Reverend Dr. Anthony G. Pike is gettin’ crusified by a con-artist!


He has sent over $3,000 to some “Russian (teen) Queen”!   He awaits his loves arrival to India!

He is the thoughtful sort as he has also spent money to have both Viagra and Cialis on hand to make her happy because she looks like she will be a real wild-cat in bed!

The cum-bucket Elana doesn’t even exist.

He thinks a hot Teen would want to shack up with his nasty, old cheese-balls.

If she was real, I’d have helped get her here so we could have an orgy, with me and my wife of course.  Her picture in that little innocent dress was cute, I bet she has a nice ass based on those long legs!

The Rev is starting to sweat.

At least he writes to her like the stupid cunt she is!  Like all women she should be treated like a stupid fucking whore!  When it comes right down to it, they are only good for fucking and looking after the children. This world is messed up,  women have too much to say.  A post for another day.

Do me a favor, and help the Rev out so he will calm down.   Send your generous donations to recover his well-intentioned spent money after the 12th, when she doesn’t step off the plane.

The Rev must carry-on the battle for earth with the Int’l Study Group of the Cosmic Research Foundation.

The heat is on, that bitch is gonna get my fist!

James (cheeky enough for you?)


Here are his numbers in case anyone wants to call as Elana and give him some hope?

“Vremember, vu must use a verussion accent, ven you do dis!”

 91-9959-684635 and Tel No is 91-8596-224312. N.B. If you dial from Madras its 09959-684635 and 08596-224312 and within my state of Andhra Pradesh its 9959-684635 and 8596-224312.