Duality is where it’s at, if your cool like me!

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What I do, is I stay in accidental duality.  I’m objective to the point that I can’t see anything for myself.  I haven’t learned to choose my own thoughts, decisions, feelings.

Instead I just do whatever seems right based on whatever important people need and tell me to do, so that I will be a known to them as a hero or a least something great and important too.

I’m easily bought that way.  I like to blame it on all the fucked up programming I’ve had.  Thinking for myself is, quite frankly, just too much work to bother with.

You see, if you want to be a super soldier, you have to sell your soul, but not to the devil necessarily, just to whomever will make you feel important, you know, like another super-soldier.

Then when you aren’t sure you did the right thing, you have to elaborate it, and act as if you work as a double agent and then when the heat is on, a triple agent and if necessary even a quadruple agent because the truth is you don’t ever really KNOW (or care) what side you are working for.

The important thing is this:

DownloadedFileIf you want a harem and/or ten wives to meet your fantasy about orgies then you should work for the side that will make enough men go to war and die so that it will happen without you having to actually buy them.  If you need to purchase them because you can’t wait until after the war, then go to China or somewhere that it’s acceptable to do so.

Then after you get your rocks off, deal with whatever you don’t like about them bitches, later.