Confessions of a Former White Hat, Creep

I am Michael Prince aka James Casbolt

Month: April, 2013

SS! Use Confusion to Divide and Conquer!

th-1 Hey my good friends and partner Super Soldiers –-here is a good place we can go to convert others towards OUR cause.

Archons and dark forces/spirits and reptilians that work with us will jump in and help mirror your new friends until they have lost their identities and we can reclaim and rebuild their minds under our new rules.  First we will Divide and Conquer their minds. Then all together, we will Divide and Conquer the world for our Cause!


MILABS wanted


Volunteer MILABS wanted!

In no Time, we will turn you into a Super-Soldier!  As a super soldier you will claim that you are raising human consciousness and fighting evil!!  Though you will be fighting FOR evil!

You will be challenged and confused, you will be programmed and you will get to be tormented and molested by us as well as by aliens from other planets!  We will find a way to hook into you so you can’t escape!

If you survive your reward is the status and identity as that of a Super Soldier! 

You will get the status of speaking about the horrors of surviving milab abuse at Super Soldier Summits!

And your only job as a Super Soldier will be to torment and recruit others under our guidance!  With the claim, when accused, that your memories were erased and/or you were cloned!

Don’t worry, we will make sure that you will be perceived as a hero!

If you have a book to promote, now is the time to comply with our recruitment!  Welcome Michael Hemmingson!

Be warned, if you don’t comply and write on our topics, we will make you pay and try to ruin your credibility, like Anthony Sanchez!!

contact michael prince at



Duality is where it’s at, if your cool like me!


What I do, is I stay in accidental duality.  I’m objective to the point that I can’t see anything for myself.  I haven’t learned to choose my own thoughts, decisions, feelings.

Instead I just do whatever seems right based on whatever important people need and tell me to do, so that I will be a known to them as a hero or a least something great and important too.

I’m easily bought that way.  I like to blame it on all the fucked up programming I’ve had.  Thinking for myself is, quite frankly, just too much work to bother with.

You see, if you want to be a super soldier, you have to sell your soul, but not to the devil necessarily, just to whomever will make you feel important, you know, like another super-soldier.

Then when you aren’t sure you did the right thing, you have to elaborate it, and act as if you work as a double agent and then when the heat is on, a triple agent and if necessary even a quadruple agent because the truth is you don’t ever really KNOW (or care) what side you are working for.

The important thing is this:

DownloadedFileIf you want a harem and/or ten wives to meet your fantasy about orgies then you should work for the side that will make enough men go to war and die so that it will happen without you having to actually buy them.  If you need to purchase them because you can’t wait until after the war, then go to China or somewhere that it’s acceptable to do so.

Then after you get your rocks off, deal with whatever you don’t like about them bitches, later.

Denial is not a river in Egypt…

James Casbolt reporting:

My poor, old geezer, mentor the Reverend Dr. Anthony G. Pike is gettin’ crusified by a con-artist!


He has sent over $3,000 to some “Russian (teen) Queen”!   He awaits his loves arrival to India!

He is the thoughtful sort as he has also spent money to have both Viagra and Cialis on hand to make her happy because she looks like she will be a real wild-cat in bed!

The cum-bucket Elana doesn’t even exist.

He thinks a hot Teen would want to shack up with his nasty, old cheese-balls.

If she was real, I’d have helped get her here so we could have an orgy, with me and my wife of course.  Her picture in that little innocent dress was cute, I bet she has a nice ass based on those long legs!

The Rev is starting to sweat.

At least he writes to her like the stupid cunt she is!  Like all women she should be treated like a stupid fucking whore!  When it comes right down to it, they are only good for fucking and looking after the children. This world is messed up,  women have too much to say.  A post for another day.

Do me a favor, and help the Rev out so he will calm down.   Send your generous donations to recover his well-intentioned spent money after the 12th, when she doesn’t step off the plane.

The Rev must carry-on the battle for earth with the Int’l Study Group of the Cosmic Research Foundation.

The heat is on, that bitch is gonna get my fist!

James (cheeky enough for you?)


Here are his numbers in case anyone wants to call as Elana and give him some hope?

“Vremember, vu must use a verussion accent, ven you do dis!”

 91-9959-684635 and Tel No is 91-8596-224312. N.B. If you dial from Madras its 09959-684635 and 08596-224312 and within my state of Andhra Pradesh its 9959-684635 and 8596-224312.

I FIST Sarah Stanga, and people still think I’m great!


It’s amazing that I can get away with posting my abductions of others and my behavior openly such as on Former White Hats Blog and still be honored as a super-soldier. I guess I can do no wrong! And it’s even more amazing that no one will gives attention to the other women I mess with either. I am so powerful!

Check out my herpes…

Ever notice that when I talk about what is going on, I don’t tell you how I fit into it.  Thats because I’m not on the side you think I am, how else do you think I could be down there, up there and out there.  Maybe I abduct children because I was abducted.  Maybe I molest women because I was molested.   It seems that I have no control over who I am or what I do.  Maybe I subscribe to the power of the dark-beings that I speak about, and maybe I can’t help it because I’m Michael Prince!

This is how you need to talk to women, if you want to be a hero, like me

On Mar 21, 2013, at 9:51 PM, Michael Prince wrote:
Why don’t you pull your panties down, bend over and shove a cucumber in your asshole and send me a video of that.Sent from my iPad
On Mar 21, 2013, at 10:21 PM, Michael Prince wrote:
I think this website is for you. You should contact them and ask if you could model with one of their horses from my iPad
On Mar 21, 2013, at 10:26 PM, Michael Prince wrote:
Seriously though, pull your pants down and let me see your pussy and buttcheeks!

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On Mar 21, 2013, at 10:24 PM, Michael Prince wrote:
Don’t worry about it, we have orgies with other women all the time!
After World War 3 all men have to take 10 wives each. Maybe I’ll abduct you and teach you how to take cock deep in the ass!

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Prince wrote:


On Mar 24, 2013, at 3:51 PM, Michael Prince wrote:
So where’s my picture of your wet cum bucket you stupid cunt?