Confessions of a Former White Hat, Creep

I am Michael Prince aka James Casbolt

I Couldn’t Keep My Mouth Shut

I admitted blackmailing Haley in hopes of getting at least 2 million.    Unfortunately.  I couldn’t keep my mouth shut around that judge, so now I had to plead “guilty” or worse would happen.
I also admitted to stalking and sending threatening messages… they twisted things around, I was just being my usual charming self.

I’ve been officially remanded, british style spanking.  I can’t leave my room –no big deal, they feed me and I’ve got a pose of dumb followers going on the inside.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with on my psychiatric report, I’ll see if I can’t show them whose crazy.

Remember, I’m extremely knowledgeable and vastly unique.  I’ve ‘lived an extraordinary life!  My past reaches back far beyond birth into another time and I’m multi-dimensional and you aren’t–or so I would like you to believe!


Read more because I just love all the attention!:


Join Me In Prison

I’ll be here for awhile… this from the local paper.

Come visit me in Prison, fan-club!

Accused of harassment
By The Cornishman | Posted: September 25, 2014

JAMES CASBOLT, 37, of Windsor Terrace, St Ives, entered no plea at Truro Magistrates’ Court to a charge of harassing Simone Everett, making threats and sending messages to her on September 20 at St Ives. The case was sent to Truro Crown Court on October 14. Casbolt was remanded in custody.

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The First Thing Out of My Mouth is a LIE

Miles: “…what are the charges”.

James: “Ummm, when I was first arrested in St. Ives, I was arrested for Blackmail…they dropped it down to a Stalking charge”.

I’m amazed at how many people still believe my lies! I’m so insecure, I need to keep my following of fools!

Truth is: I was originally arrested for harassment and I was never actually arrested for blackmail but charged with it later in court.

That’s one of hundreds of ways I twist the truth and tell lies!

Keep believing me…sucka’s. Listen to more b.s. here and join me in my crappy twisted truth that is attracting a really, really shitty life.  I lost a beautiful child, a beautiful wife and I’m going to stay in prison.  But join me by listening and believing what I say, you TOO can attract the joy’s of conspiracy freaks.

Proud to be a member of the Dark Triad


Shedding Light on Psychology’s Dark Triad

A dirty dozen test to detect narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy
Published on January 26, 2013 by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. in Fulfillment at Any Age

Lurking beneath the surface of people who use others to their own advantage is psychology’s “Dark Triad.” Defined as a set of traits that include the tendency to seek admiration and special treatment (otherwise known as narcissism), to be callous and insensitive (psychopathy) and to manipulate others (Machiavellianism), the Dark Triad is rapidly becoming a new focus of personality psychology.

Researchers are finding that the Dark Triad underlies a host of undesirable behaviors including aggressiveness, sexual opportunism, and impulsivity. Until recently, the only way to capture the Dark Triad in the lab was to administer lengthy tests measuring each personality trait separately. With the development of the “Dirty Dozen” scale, however, psychologists Peter Jonason and Gregory Webster (2010) are now making it possible to spot these potentially troublesome traits with a simple 12-item rating scale.

The technical definition of the Dark Triad, as stated in Jonason and Webster’s article, is rather daunting: “the Dark Triad as a whole can be thought of as a short-term, agentic, exploitative social strategy…” (p. 420). This means, in simpler terms, that people who show these qualities are trying to get away with acting out against others in order to achieve their own ends. Each of the individual qualities alone can make life difficult for those who know people like this. Combined, the Dark Triad traits in another person close to you can be detrimental to your mental health.

People who score high on the traditional Dark Triad measures that test each of the three qualities separately show a pattern of behavior that in fact combines the worst of all worlds. They seek out multiple, casual sex partners. When someone gets in their way, they act out aggressively to take what they want. Oddly enough, although their self-esteem doesn’t seem to be either higher or lower than others, people who score high on the Dark Triad qualities have an unstable view of themselves. Perhaps reflecting the aggressiveness inherent in the Dark Triad, these tendencies are more likely to be shown by men, particularly those who are high on psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

Psychologists are just beginning to discover the darkest sides of the Dark Triad, and there will certainly be more that we learn about the problems they create for others (and themselves) in the very near future. In the meantime, Jonason and Webster’s Dirty Dozen scale can give you a quick way to spot the Dark Triad individual in your midst. Rate each item on a 7-point scale as you think it applies to this person. Of course, you can also rate yourself on these qualities to see how you measure up:

I tend to manipulate others to get my way.
I tend to lack remorse.
I tend to want others to admire me.
I tend to be unconcerned with the morality of my actions.
I have used deceit or lied to get my way.
I tend to be callous or insensitive.
I have used flattery to get my way.
I tend to seek prestige or status.
I tend to be cynical.
I tend to exploit others toward my own end.
I tend to expect special favors from others.
I want others to pay attention to me.

The total score can range from 12 to 84, but you can also break down the scales into the three traits as follows: Machiavellianism= 1, 5, 7, 10; Psychopathy= 2, 4, 6, 9; Narcissism= 3, 8, 11, 12.

Among the college students tested in a later, validational, study Webster and Jonason (2013) report an average of about 36, with most people scoring between 33 and 39, meaning that anyone scoring upwards of 45 would be considered very high on the Dark Triad total.

What does it mean, then, to possess high levels of the Dark Triad qualities? In an investigation of how others perceive the Dark Triad traits, Austrian psychologists John Rauthmann and Gerald Kolar (2010) asked non-university adults ranging from 18 to 75 years of age to judge the perceived “darkness” of each Dark Triad quality.

Of the three, narcissism was judged to be the “brightest.” People who are high on psychopathy and Machiavellianism can cause you harm but many narcissists only harm themselves. The argument can even be made that narcissists possess qualities that others find desirable, such as being more physically attractive, charming, conscientious, and achievement-oriented. Rauthmann and Kolar suggest that perhaps narcissism should be seen as distinct from the other, which they renamed the “Malicious Two.” However, other studies suggest that over time, the initial glow of the narcissist’s bright qualities does tend to fade. People who interact with narcissists like them less and less the more time they spend with them.

It may be difficult for us to rate ourselves on the Dark Triad traits and to see how our behavior affects those of the people we know. Rauthmann and Kolar found that people rated the consequences for others of these qualities to be worse when committed by others than by oneself. In other words, we don’t see the harmful results of our own harmful behavior when directed at others. We are able to see the harm that others inflict by their own hurtful actions.

As we know from other research, psychopathy and narcissism aren’t single, unitary traits. It may not even be possible to the self-ratings of people on psychopathy scales, given the propensity of psychopaths to lie. Furthermore, there’s more than one kind of narcissist- the grandiose and the vulnerable. The Dirty Dozen scale clearly doesn’t capture these subtleties.

To sum up, the Dirty Dozen scale is – just that— a little dirty.It’s main advantage is that it’s quick and easy to complete. If you sense that someone (or you) might have the Dark Triad traits, consider yourself warned.

Follow me on Twitter @swhitbo for daily updates on psychology, health, and aging. Feel free to join my Facebook group, “Fulfillment at Any Age,” to discuss today’s blog, or to ask further questions about this posting.

Copyright Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. 2013

Jonason, P. K., & Webster, G. D. (2010). The dirty dozen: A concise measure of the dark triad. Psychological Assessment, 22(2), 420-432. doi:10.1037/a0019265

Rauthmann, J. F., & Kolar, G. P. (2012). How “dark” are the Dark Triad traits? Examining the perceived darkness of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Personality And Individual Differences, 53(7), 884-889. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2012.06.020

Webster, G. D., & Jonason, P. K. (2013). Putting the ‘irt’ in ‘dirty’: Item response theory analyses of the dark triad dirty dozen—an efficient measure of narcissism, psychopathy, and machiavellianism. Personality And Individual Differences, 54(2), 302-306. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2012.08.027

James Casbolt Michael Prince Arrested

handcuffs-shutterstock-615x345Yes, me James Casbolt, Michael Prince, the invincible and immortal super soldier, was finally arrested by the police.  Yes sir those handcuff aren’t just for porn fantasies anymore, they have turned on me.

Me mum’s mad at all those women who reported me. I don’t see what the big deal is for threatening to kill them, and rape them, but hey, I can’t always keep mum happy. Like all bitches, she got her own issues.


Mr. M16 by Haley Meijer

Those f*cking priceless lyrics are posted under the youtube video, click “show more”, follow this to get to them.

A place to expose me for what I am. 

I AM The Best Example Ever You Will Ever Know

I’m the best example that you may ever know, of how one loses there true self and personal gifts to negative energies through their own ego, and becomes a force of weak power, under powerful negative influence.  

I am the best example that you may ever witness of how one loses their true power.  By deliberately aligning with negative entities whom then took my power and turned it against me.

I am the best example that you may ever know, of how one succumbs to seductive lures of false-power, only to then lose everything –a beautiful wife, a beautiful son, a family, a home, a life-time of pleasures, security, personal growth, joy and love.

I am the best example you will ever know, of one who opened the portals to understanding worlds, and choosing the realities of hatred, pain and suffering.  


I Admit It

I’m afraid of women.

I’m afraid of black men.

I’m afraid of Liberals.

I’m afraid. 

Keep Feeding Me and “The Devils” Your Energy

Mr I Cold, another one of my super-shitty, mysterious identities, wants to convince you that I believe that:
“The devils worship me…”.  (see comment, previous post).

In truth the only ones who worship me are the foolish and naive ones who still follow me, about three naive women, six stupid people and twelve drug addicts –I referred to you as “the Devils” in this way I am not lying.

The “devils” I called-in myself, with magic rituals I found how to do online.  I did this to convince myself that I’m powerful.  They, the “devils” go along with it, convincing me I’m powerful while what they really represent is my own lack of free will that I gave up when I called them in.

guestjcasboltLook at how ugly I am now.  I’m fat, grey hair, nasty body, bad posture, and my intestinal system is wiped out from all the anti-biotics I have to take because of STD’s after being with “dirty girls and boyz” who I coerce and/or force into toilet sex.

Do you want to know why I’m getting more and more Ugly faster, just like a witch does?  It’s because I am a representative example of one who has less Life Force now than before.  I exchanged my life force, when I gave away my free will for a sense of power from “the Devils”.  Because many were following me before, they were “worshipping me” as they read my facebook, and listened to my videos, I and “the devils” were hooked into them, getting energy from them.  But now, because every one knows what I really am, only a few are left who follow me and they do so only for a short time so I’m not getting enough energy to give to the “devils” I made a pact with.  Soon there may be no one, and I won’t have enough energy to live on. I can still rape women, for energy, and molest and I may resort to more and more of this type of behavior now that I am livin’ at mums on the couch, miserable and disrespected by all.

I am not real smart, yes.  My body is a host now to hordes of disturbing beings that will cause me to die if I don’t keep feeding them through my connection to my followers.  You, my dear, dear followers, are the energy food for them: as you believe in me, you worship me. Please keep following me and believing the confusion that the “devils” offer up to take your power, so that it will feed them and me.

Thanks, Michael Prince

The Police

Police going door-to-door asking people about missing cars in the area.  I’m gonna use that to my advantage to make myself seem more “conspiracy” important.  “cops knockin’ at my door…” lol –people are so gullible and stupid, jumping to confirm, I’m a target.  Truth is, I’m a washed out devil worshipper, with no power left. 

Learn More About ME here

I hate it when I see these posts

Just when my popularity tries to regain a foothold, f*cking Clare posts this, giving away what I am and how it all works.  I really enjoy my position and hope you will ignore the article and join me as you are an Apathy type person in my Hiarchy of bull-shit supporting me while I prey upon Empaths.

Step Into My Office




Let it be known that those who follow me have no boundaries.  Meet me here. Image

Feigning Tears

I can’t believe you incredibly foolish people believe my posts feigning my sadness and that I have no more tears.  The truth is, I haven’t cried I’m only about manipulating and getting my own way.  Three hours before I posted that message I sent more demands and threats around.


An Apology To My Ex

Post removed as I publicly denied any Apology on my Facebook page today

I’m Getting Me a Doll! Objectifying REAL Women is Not Working!!

Kill Myself Yesterday, Today a Creative New Rant I’m Feeling Better

Yesterday I wanted to KILL myself!

But then I came up with a creative new rant to hopefully get attention,

–so I’m feeling better.

I just hope my ex’s family doesn’t actually get me locked away in a nut-house for that one, oh well it’s worth trying to torment her.  Subconsciously I want to be taken to a nut-house, there will be free drugs and food.

Only a few people are showing interest in following me, but THAT new rant should attract ….millions?

If I used my creative energy to write sci-fi fiction stories and screen-plays I would be  wealthy and have followers but I can’t do that because that would be positive energy and I’m determined to stay an asshole.

This blog only gets a few hits a day now, and almost always are they all out of the UK (probably all mine).

skeletor is love

Another Goal Met

Once again, me, pike and former white hat have worked tirelessly with ancient dead-beat beings to keep up the impression of all “Magick is bad”.  Lol — see you in church!  

Have I done my job? Divide and Conquer!

The more I can get you to mis-trust your own government…

The more I can get you to mistrust and hate those with “money”.  

The more I position YOU for the NWO, communist take-over!

Unfortunately some trouble-makers have discredited me.

I’ve fallen to a low position –I’m going down, down, down….

Twitter Arrest!

ImageI, James Casbolt, make death-threats and I await my soon-to-be arrest!

A man in Los Angeles was arrested today for stating “100 RTs and I’ll shoot someone walking,” Dakkari McAnuff wrote on Twitter Wednesday, captioning a photo that appeared to show a rifle positioned on a balcony, aimed at pedestrians below.

My death threats are even better!  They target specific persons, more than once, there is email and other “proof” and my photos are better than his because it shows me IN IT!

I’m Organizing a March in the UK for This!

Jezebel Writes:

Some big dumb idiot named Kyle Hunt has organized a racist dumb idiot parade tomorrow in New York City to march for idiots’ rights. And “also to make a statement that white people are united in their love for their race and in their opposition to its destruction.” It’s called the “White Man March” (say what you see, Kyle!), and will surely be attended by tens of people too stupid to understand literally anything except for their own inside-baby-feelings about scary black people taking “their” women.


The truth is MEN, we need to stand together because scary black people might take away my women with their bigger cocks.  

Kyle Kent Writes:

We are planning to show that White people are organized and impassioned, that we know what the anti-white agenda is all about, and that we are dedicated to waking up as many of our folk as possible. We will make it clear that we will not sit idly by as our race is discriminated against, mocked, displaced, and violently attacked, all of which amount to white genocide, according to the United Nation’s own definition of genocide. This is why one of our big messages, which will be displayed on many large banners, is “DIVERSITY” = WHITE GENOCIDE. These banners will spread the message to the public at large in the most effective way possible.

I’m Going to Learn a New Meaning to the Word “Submission”

1.54 AM Wednesday 12 March 2014

Thank you for your submission

Thank you for submitting your comments to Dorset Police.


  • Online Hate Crime Reporting Form

    Please use this form to report incidents of Hate Crime. If you need urgent Police attention, please see our Contact Us  page for further information.


I Confess!! I’m a Neanderthal!

imagesI confess, the aliens want me for my great Neanderthal Genes.  Now I have a real excuse for my abusive violent nature.  Neanderthals “…I can’t help it”.  This article is proof of my bad genes and how else can I get you to join me in my hatred, racism and reflecting the lower worlds issues.

And this guy John de’ Nugent is another nut-case leading the healthy flock astray, leading them to the wolves that is, with loads of pieces of truth strung out like me on drugs with misinformation, steering you into lower-world beliefs and behavior, just like me!

Putin is my NWO hero!

Assholes like me are naturally obsessed with shit and ASSHOLES.

Like Putin, I can’t stop focusing on invading others sovereign territories!



Insert James Casbolt instead of FWH here

My #1 Harassment Officer Has Been Shut-Down!!

Wow looks like I’m on my own, one by one people are turning their support away from me. is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For more information and to contact us please read this support document.


My list of crimes are so numerous that I would have been executed several times over!

Since I can get away with it in the UK and the US, I keep doing whatever I want.  I wouldn’t be “sorry” unless on death row.

Crimes against National Security

  1. Treason
  2. Separatism
  3. Armed rebellion, rioting
  4. Collaborating with the enemy
  5. Spying or espionage
  6. Selling state secrets
  7. Providing material support to the enemy

Crimes against Public Security

  1. Arson
  2. Flooding (e.g., breaching dams, dikes or waterways)
  3. Bombing
  4. Spreading poisons
  5. Spreading hazardous substances (eg, radioactive, toxic, pathogenic)
  6. Seriously endangering public safety, broadly construed
  7. Sabotaging electricity
  8. Sabotaging gas, fuel, petroleum, or other flammables or explosives
  9. Hijacking aircraft
  10. Illegal possession, transport, smuggling, or selling of explosives or firearms
  11. Trafficking or smuggling nuclear materials
  12. Illegally manufacturing, selling, transporting or storing hazardous materials
  13. Theft of explosives or other dangerous material
  14. Theft of firearms, ammunition or other dangerous material

Economic crimes

  1. Production or sale of counterfeit medicine
  2. Production or sale of hazardous food products
  3. Smuggling weapons or ammunition
  4. Smuggling nuclear material
  5. Smuggling counterfeit money
  6. Producing counterfeit money
  7. Fraud

Crimes against the person

  1. Intentional homicide
  2. Intentional assault
  3. Rape
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Human trafficking

Crimes against property

  1. Robbery

Crimes against public order

  1. Escaping from prison, jailbreaking
  2. Raiding a prison
  3. Smuggling, dealing, transporting or manufacturing drugs
  4. Organized prostitution
  5. Forced prostitution

Crimes against national defense

  1. Sabotaging weapons, military installations, or military communications
  2. Providing substandard weapons or military installations

Corruption and bribery

  1. Embezzlement
  2. Bribery

Breach of duty by soldiers

  1. Insubordination
  2. Concealment or false reporting of military intelligence
  3. Refusing to pass or falsely passing orders
  4. Surrender
  5. Cowardice
  6. Hindering commanding officers or personnel on duty from performing their duty
  7. Defection with aircraft or ships
  8. Selling military secrets
  9. Spreading false information reducing morale
  10. Theft of military weaponry or supplies
  11. Illegally selling or transferring military weaponry or supplies
  12. Killing innocent inhabitants of war zones or plundering their property

Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster

Damn if you can’t get money by hard work and honesty, which I’ve never actually tried to do, you can always get it by Robbery.

It’s making me feel powerful to tell my family that THEY have to get me millions of dollars from my ex’s family or I’m not going to shut up and will keep embarrassing them FOREVER!

My dick is a gun.  No wait, my gun is a dick.  –damn it feels good to be a gangster.
Die mutha’fucker’s…

Gene Talk and Miles is Still Supportive!

ImageI’ve got one important man still hooked into pushing my shit for me.  That is Miles Johnson, he makes the bases videos so I don’t want to lose him.  Bases videos is my only source of Public Display that makes me seem like I have something worth talking about.  Facebook just shows me to be the asshole that I am.  Miles, makes me seem like I somehow might be important.

He’s helping me attempt to “mind-control” my ex into thinking that she went through a lot of trouble to get my genes.  hehe.  Ya –making her feel guilty for dumping the doner n’ all that.   He gonna have to find his balls to piss of the Meijer family with me, he could get sued but oh well, he hasn’t figured out that in service to the “greater good” you have to be evil yourself.

ImageYeah, I mean hello!! -my first daughter is disabled!!!  But I’ve got amazing genes?  I must be because I’m just a man who has never worked and sat around on government benefits strung out on heroin for years, blaming that on the other “forces” of course.  Line up ladies–this one’s sperm is the winner!”

ImageMy genes are so valuable and protected that I’m trying to figure out if it’s true or not that my father is my grandfather.  …hehe, yeah, my mother isn’t the ONLY pedophile in our family history!  And I find humor in how people still believe my story about not being biologically hers even though I look JUST LIKE HER!.

Family who Threatens Together, Stays Together! Thanks Cousin!!

On Feb 24, 2014, at 10:55 PM, Steffan Wells wrote:

Hi Claire/whoever you are.

Everybody is fully aware of James issues and there has been efforts to help him but sending these images shows you to have sort of mental issues yourself, nobody in their right mind would subject anyone to the images you have sent!

You claim to be doing good yet hiding behind an alias and internet world and you have most likely meet James through this world of make believe as well.

James can do you no harm, he is going nowhere and the attention you at giving is exactly what he wants!

I also question Hayley’s reasons for giving you these email addresses but again these are not he actions of a sane person and I think you all need help to be honest.

If you send anymore emails to my wife, my aunt or my cousin again I will report you for distributing these images.

Anyone else in this situation Would contact the authorities and let them deal with him rather than the disgusting way you feel it necessary  to do so!

Now please stop this silly campaign and report his site to the police. AND STOP fuelling him by posting on it!

Steffan Wells


On Feb 24, 2014, at 11:33 PM, Lulu/Clare replied:

Mr. Wells,

hmmmm let me get this straight….

So now I’m getting threats from YOU too?
Wow a casbolt family reunion of threats, so is this typical family casbolt ways?
You sure are defensive there Mr. Wells.  What secrets are all you casbolts hiding I wonder…mmmm? Surely there is much truth to the “tales” that James has told, including that he was raped by his stepdad.  Were you raped by relatives too Steffan.  Do you rape others too now, like James does?  At least he admits it.
So lets recap your message below… it’s ok for us women to be subject to death threats and the disturbing and sometimes violent images of your relative, but you aren’t man enough yourself to deal with them coming across your emails?  Why is that?
I might add Mr. Wells that you may be giving yourself away here, after all a “normal” response would be a deep and sincere apology for the behavior of said relative with absolute concern and consolation that everyone should be kept safe.
Are you certain it’s not You who share family issues?Do you have children Mr. Wells and will they be treated as well as you were or will you succumb to the same projected abuse that James has?


Family Alerted — For FUCKS SAKE!!


Someone sending shit to my mum now!!! Lies all lies! but I better delete my facebook and my emails before they see them!

Dear Ms. Kate Casbolt,

Did you know that your name, Kate Casbolt, has been made famous in the conspiracy world of Super Soldiers by your son, James Casbolt?    

However, did you also know he has never said anything but terrible things about you, did you know that Ms. Casbolt?  (Do you have any idea of the claims about you he has made??!).

Did you also know that your son would be locked away in prison if he were still in the united states?  Besides his delusional episodes, threatening emails and posts and violent images degrading women, he also has given me at least 3 personal death threats in the past week as well as death threats to others, particularly targeting women.    

Yesterday he threatened to BURN ALIVE a lovely, young woman simply because she is standing up and holding him accountable to his choices and behavior.  You can read about that here if you like.  This site has been made to show at face value what he thinks, says and does behind the scenes of his super soldier facade.

You and his relatives may consider seeking help for him soon, because therapeutic mental care might be a more suitable solution and less awkward then visiting him in prison.

Either way, I’m sure the issues will work themselves out accordingly and soon enough as he has been reported to numerous agencies and has caused quite a bit of disruption in his need for attention here in the states.    

As you know, these types of family incidences do have a tendency towards very embarrassing endings for in-denial family members, unless there is intervention. Though the idea of prison is more secure for us, I still felt it was fair to inform you all.   

Either way, I will be forwarding you his finest words as I have time.


No attention

Out of the 50 hits yesterday, 38 of them were from the UK, …probably almost all mine.

I don’t really get why no one gives me the attention that I deserve. I don’t think St. Pike even reads these, I didn’t see any hits from India yesterday.

The entity that I work for just wants YOU to polarize so to make some terrorists, extremists and have another Inquisition –if you will.

It doesn’t really care what side you choose, because their are no sides except for that which you create with your perceptions of confusion.

It only cares that you choose to POLARIZE hard-core.  What it doesn’t want is for you to clearly state a preference then leave alone and make-be with focusing on creating a world with those better preferences.

In actuality the whole idea is to scramble the messages and create as much possible confusion, this way the world stays fucked up and floundering.

One day soon you’ll think a Berka will save the horrors of how men view women.  hah –this gimmick is working well. You have no idea how many fools are falling for that one… it’s fantastic, I’m winning!

Yep –you see the images and things I post on my facebook page are meant to confuse you into polarity.  You won’t even know what you really hate when I’m finished with you.  You will only hate me and what ever I portrayed.

Could you say that James Holmes even knew what the hell he was killing for?  Fuck no!  He was lost!  But the success was amazing –more fear was created, more laws will be enacted and I will have more control over humanity.

The whole point is just to stir up hell on earth so that more control is created so that I can work my “magic” with you humans, you worthless fools.

So go ahead “hate” me –feed the fire.

Become hate, so I can see your shadow of Love and in your Love you will also Hate.  Religious fanatics are my greatest Tools!


I am hoping to have another Idlywild group ready soon, who wants to join it?

You can Unconditionally LOVE me females, and I will give you exactly what you deserve… come n’ get that shit.

Reasoning with Psychopaths!

Ok Rink –thanks for the ENERGY and….nice try but you have to realize that I’m possessed by my delusional psychopath future self that will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to stay in the no-fault / no blame zone.   So try and try again but your going to need to find a better strategy to communicate with me then therapy class 101, because if you haven’t noticed –I don’t give a shit  We’ll let me rephrase –the only shit I want to see is on your backside.


From Mr Winkman-

Michael being nasty to everyone wont bring haley back nor will it put you in good favor with people who care about you. Please stop this nonsense I hate to see u put under a thorazine drip.

Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

So kind, so beautiful… why did I choose this path

HORRIBLE!!!  She is still being a nice “human”!

I have asked for EVERY kind of hatred a man could ask for.  On her report she actually said a few nice things about me (past tense of course).   Why would she do that when those are NO LONGER TRUE?!!

SHE has to change!!!!  SHE has to become hateful and angry and mean and nasty to mirror WHATEVER I AM because that is what FEMALES have to DO!

It is the REPTILIAN AGREEMENT!!!!  (And btw don’t get too surprised  we are all hybrids –I’m not the only special one).

And when she doesn’t that makes me the most angry and powerless of all.

–how dare her, she is MY WIFE!!!!!!!!! YES — MY WIFE!!!  I OWN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I own her!!! –she needs to reflect me and she must cower and feel ashamed and humiliated at all I AM!!!

If not that she must become cold, ICE COLD and MIRROR me and be hateful, cruel and horrible like me!!!


How to SCARE females

When your a big tough guy like me and females come along on the internet and try to make me see who I am I just scare them.  BOOOOOO!!  Cause I am a an ass-hoooole, and few would deny!!

This is what I sent that cute little Sarah (who scares the shit outta me, because she might be right, but I don’t want to talk about it and prefer to stay in denial because that way I am a MAN).

Sarah, I can do something, I can have you burnt alive.

That’s right MEN, when it comes to scaring women, you got to make it as evil, scary and as horrifying as possible.  BURNT ALIVE is even scarier than beating them with a stick like muslims do because it’s THE INQUISITION and we all know how much men hate intuitive women who show us who we are.   So SCARE her bcause I’m a bad ass and no one in the world can scare her better than me!!!

I have given at least 3-4 death threats to women in the last week –this one tops them all for making it Scary and to get them into FEAR!!

that’s goal boyz–keep em’ down, keep em in fear and you WIN!!

oOOOOh ya, I’m a bad-asshole that’s me…